Getting Started with Your Website

An outline of your first four weeks of the website design process and what you can expect

  • Learning more about your business
  • Domain registration
  • Understanding your specifics needs
  • Finalizing a web theme and functionality
  • Content for individual pages to be identified
  • Dashboard setup
  • Social media setup
  • Any content you provided with reference to your business goes in the finalized layout
  • Social Media Posts are created
  • Personalized email is initialized
  • Keyword and competitor analysis is conducted
  • Web content is optimized
  • User experience and User Interface Wireframe/mockup is finalized
  • Setup your account on Google My Business
  • Website meta tags and SEO data are incorporated
  • Final Web design approved along with features
  • Social topics for upcoming weeks are finalized
  • Final approved changes are implemented
  • Search engine submissions
  • Functionality and user experience testing
  • Promotional Newsletter announcing new website to your client-base
  • Your website is launch-ready!
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